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10:30pm 1973

It was Dark, Cold that night, i was waiting five blocks down, in a dark alleyway, i had been waiting for the last few hours.. i met him six months ago, it was at a convention of unusual beings and i happened to be the Mad Joker... i was in the cage right next to his.. i could see how unhappy he was, the sadness in his eyes cut through me like a sword...

While people were admiring us, asking questions to our creators, we couldn't help but notice each other, he was strong built, he wasn't bad looking in my eyes but i knew what people saw when they looked at him "scary ugly mentally unstable being".. he was sitting against the back of the cage, his chest Rising and falling as he took heavy breaths to calm himself from attacking people who want to touch him... his eyes were soft, loving... he had caught a little glimpse of me while i was studying him... i quickly looked away, my strings had been cut off by my Creator, he used me to entertain his guests and keep his slaves "company".. i guess he could see that i was not really into the whole convention..

i sat at the back of my cage closer to his, he'd looked at me a few times already, but i tried not to notice, it made me uncomfortable when people would stare at me because i knew i was ugly, not normal like them.
After all the people had left, we had to stay in our cages over night, i closed my eyes and just got comfortable in my sitting/sleeping position when..

All of a sudden i felt s cold little touch on my arm, he'd poked me and i looked at him, he smiled and whispered "Hey, I'm Frankenstein"...
I looked at him and frowned a little, he wasn't wearing a shirt now but he had cuts and bruises all over his body, i replied to him "Hey... I'm Jester"..
His eyes lit up and he lightly touched my skin again.... this was unusual, no one touched me twice, why did he do it? "you're warm.." he whispered...
"My creator thought it would be good fro me to feel like a human" i replied to him..
he smiled and put his hand through the rails back to his own cage, i was sort of attracted to him, he interested me and he was gentle... people normally treated me as a joke.. as a toy..
i don't know what had come over me but i suddenly ran over to the cage's gate and undid my boots, taking them off, their heels were so skinny i could open the lock with it, while I'd done this Frankenstein had crawled to the front of his cage, i ran over to him..
"come, run away with me.. stay with me, we won't have to come back to this place ever again" i whispered in a hurry while putting my boots back on after opening his gate..

He hesitated a little but soon he was out of the cage on the way to the a secret hide-out i had in the city, he'd explained to me that he has a family but they never loved each other and he wanted to get away from them, he said he'd heart about me and he's always been interested and asking about me to everyone he spoke to, he'd told me that the Addams family had told him a lot about me, i was a little stunned at hearing this because me and the Addams never really got along but apparently they looked up to my greatness..

We'd reached the gate of the hide-out when i flopped onto the bed and he made himself right at home, it was an old shack, with all the basic things, toilet, shower, bed, a few kitchen things and a few posters on the wall.. I'd been drawing someone who looked similar to Frankenstein, I'd been dreaming about this person and that we would run away together, it didn't occur to me that it would be him... but i suddenly sat up and looked at the poster, then at the man, my eyes couldn't believe what they saw... it was him.. "it's you ..." i whispered...

He'd heard this and looked at me a little confused, i pointed at the poster and then looked at him, he looked at it and back at me, his eyes widened as he stepped closer "you knew about me..?" he whispered...
I didn't, but i felt like i knew him for as long as i could remember "n-no, b-but i feel l-like i d-do" i was stuttering, i think from that moment on it was decided, we were going to run away together...
and now I'm standing here, waiting for the love of my life... I heard a loud scream and Huge door shutting, not long after i heard someone running towards the alleyway, i stood against the wall, not wanting anyone to see me, but it was him, he ran over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me passionately, he was out of breath from running but i clung to him, i didn't want to let him go, ever.. he was mine and i was his, we took each others hands and ran as fast as we could, we got out of the city and kept running, this was our new beginning... our happily ever after...

The end



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I enjoy Experimenting with lots of things, i normally spend all my time on this old Laptop here, playing in Photoshop... i am a Graphic Design Student and i absolutely love the course!

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